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Your Guide to Accommodation in Bangkok:

Bangkok is a very busy city, which also makes accommodation somewhat of a complex matter. Don’t worry there, here is everything you need to know to start planning for your accommodation in Bangkok.

Dorm beds will usually cost 90 baht while nicer hostels in touristy locations will rip you off by charging up to 680 baht for a dorm bed per night. A batch of good dorms with 6-8-bed capacity and an A/C included should cost you about 225 baht. A private room in these hostels will cost you more, around 500 baht. Instead of private rooms in hostels, you should consider rooms in small guesthouses near the backpacker area at Khao San Road, it is way cheaper.

As for hotel rooms, a basic room in a budget hotel will cost you around 400 to 500 baht, this cost is with hot water and private bathroom included. Most of these hotels will have an average-speed WIFI and A/C, some of them also include breakfast in the package. The better hotel you pick, the more expensive will the rooms get, I would suggest that you choose hostel dorms or rooms instead.