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Why watching No Escape before You Visit Asia is a Bad Idea

Hollywood movies are probably the best entertainment in this arena that you can find, especially when a movie reflects on a true story, those movies are just heartwarming. But every once in a while, a movie is released that reflects very poorly on the reality, No Escape being one of them.

We are not trashing the movie, the movie is actually quite good, but what I as a lover of travel disliked about the movie was how it showed Thailand and Cambodia as these unstable countries where there are riots and military campaigns and that tourists will be brutally assaulted there. Thailand is one of the best vacation places you could ever visit in the world, Cambodia trailing right behind in this list.

What No Escape showed in the movie was preposterous, for me at least.

Worse, to keep a good business in Thailand, the movie trashed Cambodia big time, and Vietnam was shown as the only safe place to go to. Cambodia ended up banning the movie, for correct reasons too. If you are one of those people who are influenced by movies, please, do not be influenced by this one, this one is not based on reality. Thailand did see a coup by the military in 2014, but that coup had zero blood spilled on the street and was as peaceful as can be. The military did seek to establish a pro- U.S government, but it did not turn Thailand into an anti-American state.