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Exploring Paris – The Romantic Capital of Europe

It’s known as the ‘City of Love’ for a reason. This charming city has been the setting of many romantic movies, from Ethan Hawke’s “Before Sunset” to Owen Wilson’s “Midnight in Paris”. These movies have inspired many tourists from all over the world to experience firsthand the dazzle of Paris that leaves you enraptured to its glamour. Whether it be toasting champagne or sipping espresso, it’s always a million times better doing it in Paris. Be spellbound by one of the most celebrated and endeared capitals of Europe.

Perfect Touchdown

You’ll most likely reach Paris via Charles De Gaulle International Airport. It’s among the busiest airports in the continent given the great influx of tourists it gets every day. It’ll be best if you avail of an airport transfer in Paris so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to your next destination. You can arrange your stops ahead of time, or have your driver be on standby should you have some issues at the airport. This way, you’ll have an ease of mind, and be able to focus on the more important matters of your trip.

The Grand Eiffel Experience

The magnificent, one-of-a-kind Eiffel tower is surely the destination at the top of your list to visit in the city. It’s the epitome of the ultimate Parisian experience – a sight every tourist is dreaming to see. It has been a backdrop of many sweet moments: from wedding pictures, to French kissing with your beau. Everyone deserves their own romantic moment in front of the grand Eiffel.

You can visit the Eiffel tower in the morning, and have a scenic view of Paris in the first floor. Take a panoramic view on the 2nd floor, and ravel in the beauty of the city at a higher vantage point. For couples, take your better half at the top floor and have a rosé or white champagne. Clink your drinks and savor your moment atop the most famous tower in the world.

Cafés of Love

If you’ve always wanted to experience the scenes in movies where couples talk all day sitting in a café sipping espresso or cappuccino, then there are so many places in Paris to do so. Visit Saint-Germain-des-Pres, and take a sip at the Café de Flore and Les Deus Magots. Walk down Avenue de Champs-Élysée – one of the most famous avenues in the world – and try its popular cafés. There are also theatres around where you can watch plays or shows, or shop to your heart’s content at the sophisticated boutiques lining the avenue.

Of course, your Parisian experience will be incomplete without checking the famous monuments Paris is known for. Take a picture at the Arc de Triomphe, or appreciate their classic architecture by visiting the cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Paris. Tour around the Luxembourg Palace, and enjoy the marvelous garden spread across the 8-hectare park.

A Cherishing Moment of a Lifetime

Describing the Parisian experience as great is an understatement. It’s memorable – each experience always one for the books. Never let your life pass by without trying to see this marvelous city ready to embrace you with open arms. Better, share it with your loved one, and start creating memories that you’ll surely treasure forever.