Accommodation Reviews

Best “Hidden-Away in the Middle of Nowhere” Hotels in The World:

You may be a person who likes to see beautiful places, and go diving in sparkling waters, and

climb stunning mountains. But the beauty of enjoying the most magnificent wonders of nature, while in

a quiet place all by yourself, or your loved ones, and no one else, is one of the best feelings I’ve ever

come across. And I am sure that you will feel like that too, once you get to experience them.


Tree Hotel:

Trek in Sweden’s Lapland’s woods and you might see a few mirror-like cabins in the distance.

What’s so special about them? They are suspended in air, at least 20 feet above the ground. Tree Hotel

in Sweden is as remote from the crowds as possible in the whole city. The new cabin, “7 th Room” is an

apartment-like space, and is in the center of a group of pine trees, 32 feet above the ground.


Fogo Island Inn:

Looking at the pictures of this building blew me away, I could even imagine all the places where I

would walk with my friends and where we would sit for the whole night till the sun is on our heads. Fogo

Island is situated on a rocky outcrop in Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada.


Longitude 131°:

If you have ever fantasized about being in that beautiful magical tent where Harry Potter’s mind

is blow in the fourth release of the franchise, this hotel in Australia is probably for you.